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  • Jack Lu |AP Math
    Jack Lu |AP Math

    AP Calculus/Statistics

    Graduate with a master’s degree from Chongqing University.

    Holding dual qualifications as a senior high school teacher in mathematics and physics.

    Possessing extensive experience in teaching AP Calculus and AP Physics.

    Outstanding coach for the AMC (American Mathematics Competitions) and Continental calculus League.

  • Kristine - English Teacher/Homeroom teacher
    Kristine - English Teacher/Homeroom teacher

    Certificate of CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

    Certificate of TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

    Two bachelors' degrees in medicine and English

    Taught students from over 20 countries

    Former Head of the Southwest Program of Lincoln University, New Zealand

    Experienced in IELTS listening& speaking teaching and research

  • Brain -  Physics Teacher
    Brain - Physics Teacher

    AP Physics Certificate

    UK education background for both BEng and MSc degrees, top level of academic performance

    Entry Scholarship for Engineering students (Newcastle University Upon Tyne), Several papers were indexed by EI

    Rich experience of high-level STEM education, especially course design and development. The membership in the committee of the China Federation of Artificial Intelligence Education. This certificate is hereby issued

    Experienced in teaching international curriculum (physics/math) and assisting research

  • Jessie - AP Capstone & EAP Teacher
    Jessie - AP Capstone & EAP Teacher

    AP Capstone Teacher

    AP Teaching Qualification

    Sichuan International Studies University

    TEM 8 / 9 points IELTS Listening & Reading / 30 points TOEFL Listeing


    12 years+ teaching experience in IELTS, TOEFL and SAT

    Proficient in Listening , speaking and SAT teaching

  • Sherry - IB、EAP English Teacher
    Sherry - IB、EAP English Teacher

    IB Teaching Qualification

    Master of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

    Bachelor of English Literature


    2012 U.S. Academic Visitor

    10 years+ teaching exprience in IELTS, TOEFL and SAT

    IB English B Teacher

    Proficient in Reading and Writing Teaching

  • Kay Brown(British) - Theatre/Drama/HOD of Arts & Athletics
    Kay Brown(British) - Theatre/Drama/HOD of Arts & Athletics

    BA Performing Arts First class Honours

    IBDP theatre certificate

    Former Head drama teacher and workshop leader of Italian International school

    10 years of experience in International drama schools.

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