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  • Brain

    The president of California's Mount Granada school

    Graduated from Yale University and UCLA

    With a high reputation and deep interpersonal relationship in California high schools

    Developed IB curriculum system,which used by many famous private schools in California

  • Kenny

    University of Texas at Austin. Doctor of media

    Lived in the United States for more than 30 years.

    Served as the president of the Southern California Chinese School Association

    Widely respected by students and parents

    Helped hundreds of students successfully enter famous universities, including Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Southern California, Northwestern University, Berkeley, New York University, etc.

  • Janice

    University of Southern California, Ph.D. in education

    member of WASC Certification Committee

    Served as the president of California High School of mathematics and science for nearly 10 years. Professor at California State University Long Beach

    Distinguished professor at the Institute of education, University of Pepadeine

  • Executive Principal   Cindy
    Executive Principal Cindy

    17 years Experiences in the field of international education

    Over 10 years experiences in management of internationl schools

    Certified IACAC member

    Certified counselor of EATC of Australia

    Many years expriences in management of IB and AP programs

  • Academic  Principal  Kevin  Schooling
    Academic Principal Kevin Schooling

    Vice principal of Changshu UWC; Principal of CWA

    Member of WASC accreditation team

    25 years of management in the field of international education

    Master of arts in education; Master of arts in education leadership

    Bachelor of Politics and History